My Goal

I stated writing these books because I wanted to introduce children to diversity.  Diversity is a variety of things such as racial culture, age, gender, disabilities and more.   Back in 2012 while attending South Mountain Community College I did a project on diversity.  Our main focus was on finding books that introduced children to diversity.  While working on the assignment my classmates and I found it difficult finding books on diversity.  This is what motivated me to want to write books about diversity.

People are afraid of what they don’t understand, and if we teach our children about the world around them at a young age they wouldn’t fear it.


Ways to introduce children to diversity

Going into the community

Walking around the neighborhood

Visiting parents place of work

Visiting Unique Community Resources

Field Trips to Complement a Curriculum Theme or Unit.

Macdonald states:

"The concept of diversity includes the perspectives of multiculturalism and nonsexist and antibias education.  Diversity encompasses children's individual interests and capabilities, racial and cultural differences, age and gender difference and language differences" (1999, p. 5). Her definition incorporates the range of differences that teachers and caregivers face everyday. Macdonald completes her definition by adding: "It also includes the social realities that affect children and communities, including availability of economic resources, access to technology, health and safety concerns, demographic make-up and locale" (1999)